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“Merging Accuracy with Efficiency”

The ACCUPERMIT™ Difference

Are you constantly calling your permit expediter to check on the status of your permit? Are your traffic control jobs handled with anything less than a consistent, ‘safety first’ mentality? We understand that no two projects are alike. Nor are two companies claiming to offer the same service. Why settle for less?

Contact us for a comprehensive solution to meet your expectations, and see the value behind the ACCUPERMIT™ difference

Who We Are

ACCUPERMIT™ is your partner in the Permit Expediting and Traffic Safety Control Services industries, in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We provide real solutions, custom-tailored to your individual needs, from residential moving permits to traffic control and permit expediting for contractors in commercial construction, and more.

Learn more about who we are and how we strive to achieve our goals by helping you reach yours.

Questions or Comments?

Need a Quote? Submitting a New Request? Checking on Status?

DC/MD/VA Permit Expeditor

You can count on us to work through all the nuances of the permit process. We facilitate projects from start to finish, helping you reach your goals and saving you time + money on every project.

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Residential Moving Permits

If time or distance doesn’t allow you to deal with the hassles of applying for a moving permit, hanging “no-parking” signs, etc., let us handle it. We work with individuals and moving companies.

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Traffic Safety + Control

Because it’s more than just Traffic Control. Safety is our mindset. Our ATSSA certified Flaggers, Traffic Control Technicians and Supervisors adhere strictly to federal MUTCD and local guidelines.

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