Five Tips for Traffic Control Success

How to choose the best Temporary Traffic Control company for the job


Unhealthy for your reputation

Here are five ways you can ensure safety on your jobsite requiring traffic control.

  1. Make sure they have a safety-first mentality - Whether it's accurately designing a plan to ensure safety, scheduling enough flaggers and technicians to staff a job, exercising caution when driving to and from the jobsite, or properly setting up and breaking down a job, it ALL matters.
  2. Professional appearance on jobsite - This is important, too! Whether you are the general or sub-contractor, your traffic control company should represent you well. This means clean and visible vehicles with proper safety lighting and functional equipment, traffic control devices, signs, etc.
  3. ATSSA certification - The traffic control industry benefits from the safety training and certifications by the American Traffic Safety Services Association. So should you when selecting your traffic control company. Choose ATSSA certified Flaggers, Traffic Control Technicians, and Traffic Control Supervisors to handle your job.
  4. Rigorous training - In addition to the above certification, make sure your traffic control company conducts ongoing training operations to reduce the risk of accidents and keep safety - of their workers, your workers, and the general public - the number one priority.
  5. Ability to produce certification cards on demand - Not all traffic control companies are created equal. Make absolutely sure that your Flaggers (to staff flagging jobs), Traffic Control Technicians and Traffic Control Supervisors (to manage and set-up or break-down jobs) can produce their ATSSA certification card on demand on every jobsite, every time.

Utilize these tips to create the safest environment for your next job or project requiring traffic control.

Also, check out our Traffic Safety + Control page for more info on what we provide to our customers.


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